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Arevik Ashkharoyan|Founder, Literary Agent
Anna Baghramyan|Literary Agent
+374 99 05 11 12;

ARI Literary and Talent Agency represents outstanding literary and creative talent of Armenian origin from all around the world, and is the co-agent of various foreign publishers in Armenia.

Among literary fiction writers of the agency are Aram Pachyan, Jean-Chat Tekgyozyan, Armen of Armenia, Susanna Harutyunyan,

Sargis Hovsepyan, Karine Khodikyan, Narine Kroyan,  Narek Topuzyan, Narek Malian and others.

ARI Agency has also established a non-profit ARI Literature Foundation to increase Armenia’s cultural profile and influence worldwide by becoming a platform for international literary discourse. ARI Foundation is the organizer of Write in Armenia International Writing Camp.

Rights sold:
Good bye, Bird by Aram Pachyan

Glagoslav Publications, UK; Al-Arabi Publishing and Distributing, Egypt; Paradox, Bulgaria; Parenthese, France.

Robinson by Aram Pachyan
Stary Lev Publishing House.

Fleeting City by Jean-Chat Tekgyozyan

Ayrinti Publishing, Turkey; Mosaic Press, Canada and Belleville Editions, France.

Point Zero by Narek Malian
Glagoslav, UK and Al-Arabi Publishing and Distributing, Egypt.

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Varduhi Balyan| Literary Agent
(+374 10) 58 10 59, 56 15 26
(+374 91) 16 09 51

The First Literary Agency was established in 2011. Its top priority is to find and boost talented people to tell their stories – and to make sure that their voices are heard. It provides roof for a wide range of authors: authors of bestsellers that can touch readers’ hearts, award-winning authors that reveal deeply rooted issues. The agency selects writers of different age and background, motivating the beginners to achieve new levels.
The First Literary Agency represents such authors as:
Gurgen Mahari, novelist (French, Turkish, Ethiopian), Nikol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, journalist, novelist, (translated into English, Russian), Gurgen Khanjyan, dramatist, novelist (translated into Russian, English, Farsi, Georgian, French, Romanian), Hovhannes Yeranyan, novelist, dramatist (translated into German, English, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Persian), Grig, short story writer, Arpi Voskanyan, novelist (translated into English, French, Georgian, Farsi, Spanish),

Hambardzum Hambardzumyan, novelist (translated into German, Arabian,vRussian, Bulgarian), Mher Israyelyan, novelist

Vardan Grigoryan, novelist, Armen Sargsyan, poet, Husik Ara, poet.

Some projects have already been realized : books by Hovhannes Tekgyozyan (published in Turkish), Aram Pachyan (published

in Ukrainian), Gurgen Khanjyan (published in English). Some other projects are still in process, such as Hrach Saribekyan’s work to be translated in Macedonian, Grig’s work in English, Gurgen Khanjyan’s works in Albanian and Macedonian, Vardan Grigoryan’s work in Ukrainian, etc.